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You wanna be a link? Well first you gotta let me know!

Here is the sites forum! Enjoy and keep it clean!(And try to have an avatar of some sort once you are a member...

Here are the main team links that I know of...(that I'm also positive are alive and well!) I'm Wind Crowrang on this team! My favorite team ever(they inspired me to start the Proto-Hunters and being on the Internet and all...) And from the picture, no... they are NOT a porno site. They are against that and so am I!

Old site. Sucked so I made this.
I'm sorry, but all the sites I was linked to before, if you wanna be links, this time you have to let me know. If this site becomes good enough, then I'll make an exception to other teams.

Proto-Hunters2, the second Freewebs Proto-Hunters site. Even worse...

The HTML only Proto-Hunters site. Barely got off its feet. And then I quit it...(I don't know HTML unfortueonotly...did I spell that right?)

The Old Quiz. I'm thinking of making a new one if I get all member spaces filled up...

A site I made when I was bored as hell...

Hunting Prototypes everyday!(For a price...)
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