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It is a lovely day in the world and the Proto-Hunters are checking out the park.
Gyro: Doesn't feel great master Greyring to have our world peaceful?
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: For the last time, you are free now, you aren't my navi anymore so please calling me master here...
Gyro: Whatever.
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Say Game.
Tomahawk: Yeah?
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Who's that? He looks like he's a member of the team...
Swallow: Actually yeah, I think that's... who is that?
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: I'll handle this. (Looks in the distance to fin a familiar figure) It's Gridman!
Gridman: Got that right.
Cosmo: How come he isn't on the team?
Cloud: He's a former team member. He was bad so we kicked him off but no one would take his place, so he kept the role and left.
Cosmo: What did he do?
Cloud: Are you sure you really want to know?
Cosmo: Yeah.
Cloud: Very well...
Cosmo: Oh god, are we heading into a flashback?
Cloud: Yes.
What had happened and why was this epilogue so short? Because Greyring is too lazy to write what had happened ages ago in one epilogue so the long part is to be saved for the next TWO epilogues. Thank you. And tune in next time!

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