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Written By Thornman

It was a dark and stormy day, where no one was outside, no one there to play.
The world was at war, and the children sat around pouting, " Why all the gore? Why all the fighting?"
Things looked dim as a resistance arose, a team of young heroes came out as all the local doors closed.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Never fear good people, your saviors have arrived!
colonel trans metal armorGreyring announced with dignity and pride.
Cloud: Evil shan't triumph with the Proto-Hunters around!
Aquaspark declared, his smile larger than his crown.
Cosmo was dusting himself without a single word when all of a sudden, he stepped in a terd.
Cosmo: Why you good for nothing mutt!
He yelled and rattled.
Cosmo: I should take you and toss you over Pizza Hut!
He raged and crackled.
The rest of the team came out of their dome, when a soldier came by, seeking a home.
Soldier: These people need shelter, and they need it quick! Can they live with you, even if it is only for a bit?
The soldier asked with great sorrow, when Greyring allowed his house to be borrowed.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Go on in! I don't mind! But I hear something coming, please don't take your time!
A giant roach came in a hustle, it crashed into a building and caused a real rustle!
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Darn it all, what are we to do?
transmetalblizzardSaid Tristan as he fell out of his shoe.
Young Jake had no clue how to stop this beast, the whole city was it's own personal feast! It was too big take down and too fat to crush, so the Hunters retreated in a truely quick rush!
Tomahawk: I knew this was bad, right from the start!
Said Gamemaster as he fell to a toxic fart.
The roach was fuming the entire town, when a figure appeared in what looked like a gown!
Sora: Never fear, I'll help! But be careful, if my plan works your faces might melt!
Sora took out a gigantic laser and blasted the roach when it turned around and hit her until she was coached.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Great, just perfect! Sora is dead, and this rhyming won't stop or get out of my head!
Just then a thorn had struck it, and the roach had fallen to a mere trinket!
Thornman: Give me a role upon your team, and I'll save everyone, including Mr. Bean!
Bean: Glagh!
Bean had said, when the roach got back up after being dead.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: He's not going down easy, that is for sure, take him out quickly-
Thornman: Don't be absurd!
Thorn had put on his new Gyroman outfit and flew to the rescue like a pilot in his cockpit!
Gyro threw a few blades at the roach's gut, then it fell to the ground as it was finally cut.
The battle was over and good had won, but where did the beast come from?
This answer may never be told, but never forget this tale even as you grow old!

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