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By Greyring of Proto-Hunters
And Gamemaster of Aftermath

colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Ah, just swell.
Cloud: What is it Grey?
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Getting visitors today.
Cosmo: Who are they?
8:30 AM-AfterMath HQ
J Takahashi comes running out of the house-looking base, trailing his suitcase, which is overflowing with stuff.
"Come on, J! We don't want to be late!" Ben Chaud yells from the Official limmo parked infront of the base.
"Sigh, we'll never get going at this rate." Leon Artavio is drawing a self-portrait on a pad he brought.
"OH SNAP! I FORGOT TO JACK NAPALMMAN IN!" J drops his suitcase and runs back in.
* * *
Meanwhile, in the AfterMath HP...
GateMan, CutMan, and SnakeMan are sitting around, waiting for Napalm.
"Most likely J's fault again." SnakeMan comments, bored.
"Heh." Gate rolls his yellow, glowing eyes.
Cosmo: Well, let's greet our newest member while we wait for them to jack back in...
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Everyone, I'd like you to meet... Swallowman AKA Jake! He is Beastman and his operator on the team Annihilation.
Swallow: Awesome place you've got here!
Sora: Yup, this is our home.
Cosmo: Hey, I thought you wanted to be our temporary Medi?
Sora: Nah, I got bored of that, and you aren't being romantic enough to get Misty's attention either so I'm in this form.
Cloud: Um, Sora?
Sora: Yeah?
Cloud: You do remember that Misty is having sex with Ash, right?
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Actually, that isn't true.
colonel trans metal armorEveryone: Huh?
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Those two were killed by Pikachu and his killing issues.
Sora: Oh... I'll stay anyways!
Aftermath enters the room.
Swallow: Who are they?
Tomahawk: They're our neighbors. And- OH CRAP!
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Wait, what is it?
Tomahawk: I'm with them too! Crap oh crap oh crap oh CRA-A-A-AP! If Gateman or Ben touches me, somebodies dead and I am not takign that chance I am leaving!
Tomahawkman runs off and locks himself in his room, at least he thinks so...
Swallow: ... his room is a closet?
Tomahawk: What the?
A team of reindeer run over his foot.
Queen: What the hell was that?!
Gate:What the? Why are we suddenly talking like this instead of the usual script-based speach?
Napalm:Nice cover, dude.
Snake:Rrrright, anyway, who are those dudes up there?
Gate:Hm? Oh no, that's the Proto-Hunters! I'm TomahawkMan on their team! If we see each other, we're both dead!
Cut:*Pulls out a sniper-scope battlechip, and scans the group*I don't see a TomahawkMan.
Gate:Oh, ok, let's go say hi then!
The four then proceed to head for the PH.
They each pair off and head to different areas...
colonel trans metal armorGreyring and Gateman head off into the Halloween room.
Aquaspark and Cutman go on over to the aquatic lair.
Dark Proto along with Napalmman move out into the time zone.
transmetalblizzardAnd lastly Blizzardman and Snakeman go over to the forest tomb.
Jake is left by himself and Tomahawk is still elsewhere...
GateMan:Of course, you pick the halloween room. Hasn't TomahawkMan told you how much we hate halloween?
Cut:Where are we?
Snake:Why am I looking at my own creation?
Napalm:When do we get to blow stuff up?
(You can see them all falling down, anime style now.)
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Actually, no. He didn't. I think he'll like it though after he sees the Narnia costume I got him...
Just then they walk into the wardrobe where it is and out comes...
Tomahawk: Woah! I thought it had been over 30 years, so where'd my sexy beard go?!
Gamemaster now sees Greyring and Gateman in front of him, while he's still wearing his Narnia outfit.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Were you snooping through your gifts early this year?
Tomahawk: No way! I had just found Narnia!
colonel trans metal armorGreyring+Gateman: ...
Gateman: Alright thats it, I think I've let you watch Narnia too much at my house...
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Wait a second... what about the whole "can't touch each other" thing?
Gate+Tomahawk: ... AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cutman is slicing up half seats next to the nearby ocean.
Cloud: Hm... I wonder what's that in the water?
Just then, a giant worm with a black hole for a mouth comes out.
Cloud: OH CRAP! HURRY! Let's get the others and fast!
Cosmo: So... what do you think of our recreation of history itself?
A T-Rex comes over to Napalmman and Napalm blows it up.
Cosmo: ... I'll take that as a yes I like it...
Swallow: So, Blizzard, Snake, what do you do in here for fu-
Cloud: You guys, a black hole worm just got out of the aquarium! We have to stop it!
Just then the worm busts through the wall and begins devouring the trees.
Swallow: NO! NOT THE TREES! You bub are going down!
Jake begins tossing blade wings at the worm slicing it apart but it simply chases after all five of them.
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Run for it!
Cloud: We have to find Grey, Gate, Cosmo, and Napalm!
Swallow: And right away!
Gate:Wait...I can explain this...let's go watch StarTrek!
Tomahawk:Yeah, that'll work!
Snake:...What the-
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Crap! What do we do now?!
Swallow: I don't know!
Cosmo: Why not just make it eat itself, like in andaconda?
colonel trans metal armortransmetalblizzardEveryone: .... oh yeah...
So Aftermath and the Proto-Hunters make the andaconda eat itself and save the day, or, their lives, something happened basically, they stopped it, THE END ALREADY!

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