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It is the start. As usual Lan is dosing off during homework, lazy bum.
Anyways, you grab your PET because you are ticked at Megaman for his lecturing and cause you are unitelligent.(I don't like Lan very much, and he doesn't like me. :D) Your mother tells you come out now. So do as she says. She gives you a recipe(yummy, steal it) and tells you to go give it to a friend at Kitchen Computer. So head back to your room and jack in, megaman execute!(who the hell is he executing?!)
You are now online and the only viruses ever to hack Lan's computer because he has spam blocker pops up. You must kill the three Metools and these are just training excersises. If you can't listen to these, you either
A.) Can't read.
B.) Are a complete numskull who should stop reading this guide NOW.
Ehem, sorry.
Afterwords, head out to the net. It is pretty basic. The net looks cool, as always at first, before it becomes natural to you and boring. Run around the pathways. Collect any goodies you want but all you have to do is follow the green-brick road! Kick Dorothy out of the way and along the path to Kitchen Computer say hi to your pals. Head off the path when you get to a big white space where Gutsman and Glide are trading chips. There is a path to the right. Take it and you'll eventually find the transport to Kitchen Computer. You'll give Mom's friend here recipe and you'll have done your first mission. Nice work dude! If you couldn't do this don't bother trying the game. If you could, then never give up!


After you have done this you are called to gather your friends and bring them to Scilab now. You will simply head on up the highest stairs and enter that elevator.(how he stands still on skates in an elevator, I will never know.)
You will end up in Dad's room.(Lan's Dad kicks big major ass if he made Megaman) He wants Lan to get him a key card when the room is gased up and everyone falls asleep.


You wake up and your Mom is all "OMG! You can't go out and save the world because I am such a pansy!" ...
Yup... she says that...(I wish)
Disobey her and go onto the net. Too bad. Gutsman, Roll and Glide were Navi-napped by Napster AKA Nebula.
Head back to where you met Gutsman and Glide earlier on the net. Now there's a giant gate there and some Healnavi. Beat...him...up...
He unleashes some easy viruses for you because he underestimates your skill. Take em' out and he'll cower away. Try and chase him down ooooo! Lan isn't quick enough because he's a loser and you have to jack out.(get used to this, coming close to the mission then having to leave, you do it every time.)
So, head over to Scilab. Apparantly there's something screwy going on over there. So head on over. Try and enter the area where hell is breaking loose and you can't get in. The Cyber Hacker got you again!
Head upstairs and into dad's office. Remember that key card Dad required earlier that Lan went looking for? Go get it. You need it. Now you can enter the room as an official Scilab employee and the scientists are idiots(as usual) believing you are an actual employee. Jack into the main computer screen and prepare to kick some Cyber Hacker butt!
Just keep going along the basic path until you find a program. He's in a real bind. Here are the answers to each and every puzzle you have to solve since if you know the answer, then you know how to do it in order...
Once you complete all of these, SAVE LIKE A MADMAN!!!!!
After that, check out your chips, rearrange, and get ready to throw down with the Cyber-hacker...
:--- "B*O*S*S" ---:
Colonel is a toughy for a first fight(especially because you don't know him yet!) that and he's me so, good luck.
Nah, just kidding. Here's a strategy.
Make sure for one you had gotten plenty of HPmemories like 2 otherwise, you are dead in two hits flat I bet!
His attacks are his slash, cannon, and stone monuments.
Don't use tricks like rockcube and wind on him. Anything with summon on it especially is bad news. He'll cause a cyber soldier to pop out of them and use Searchman's moves on you, and you remember Searchman was a pain in the last game.(Red Sun Tournament)
His cannon he won't release until he's almost dead. But when he tries it, move to his side and GET UP FRONT. His cannon can hit you for half damage if it hits you before it reaches the back. But if it reaches the back, it reaches it's full potential AND if it reaches one back panel, it hits ALL the back panels. Easy to doge, but it can practically kill in one hit, lethal move.
Lastly, there's his trademark saber. He can slash at you and it will hit you always if you are in the same row as him. But if you are in a different row then him, then you'll just have to avoid the triangle aftermath(hey, that's a team name! :) ).
If you can avoid all of these, then you completely pwned him.(But not me, I am a hell lot tougher than that.)
Colonel EXE is his name and apparntly he is actually HEAD of Scilab!(For the Navi, not the number one human there of course) and he was testing to see if you would be good for his team. Team Colonel, and you are with it! Good job! You beat your first boss!

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