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Part 4 of 4
By Greyring

Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Grey! You have to snap out of it! Come to your senses!
cosmomanCosmo: Yeah! Don't you remember anything?
Colonel exeGreyring: ....................................(remembers the old times but just barely)nope.(he fires his cannon at Cloud and knocks him unconcious.)
m soraM Sora: NOO! Thats it former friend, yer going down!
cosmomanCosmo: You don't even know who he is!
m soraM Sora: I don't care...(she begins throwing bombs at Greyring only to have him dodge them all and slice her from behind)
Colonel exeGreyring: Time-to-finish-the-job.
liquormanLiquorman: Y4Y!
jetmanJetman: Finish them!
But at that moment more memories hit him of being with the team AND of how the Anti-Hunters caused all of these problems. He turns around and begins shooting and slashing at Mechaman!
blizzardmanexeBlizzard: Yeah! Lets get em!(Tristan takes on Jetman as Liquor and Dark go head to head. Greyring begins destroying the base in anger and confusion along with his split personality. Mechaman begins battling now with Gamemaster.)
Colonel exeGreyring: Who-do I-trust?!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Trust what your thoughts say and follow them.(Mechaman delivers a sucker shot at him and Greyring takes the Master's advice.)
Colonel exeGreyring: Alright-now-stop!(everyone faces him) I-do-not-understand-any-of-this-but-one-thing. The-indian-says-to-follow-myself-and-so-I-will. And-my-mind-is-telling-me-that-you-guys(points to the Anti-Hunters)-are-the-wrong-choice!
Just then he charges his beam and fires. He blasts apart a giant container which causes the Proto-Hunters to change and form trans-metal armors on their bodies! All the hunters get up and are in perfect condition except for the Anti-Hunters.
jetmanJetman: What in the world?
Cloud: Ugh, now that hurt. Now you guys are going to pay!(Aquaspark unleashes his usual lighting bolt but now it is the strength of an entire storm!)
Cosmo: Woah! These trans-metal armors must increase our power by a lot!(D. Man throws his rings which are now surrounded by little astroids!)
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: Holy crap! This is awesome! I'm a new me!(he throws a snowball which sprouts iceicles all over itself.)
m soraM Sora: Why wasn't I affected?
Cosmo: Because you aren't an actual member! Now go away!
m soraM Sora: Not on your life pal.
Tomahawk: My god! This is freakin sweet!(he swings his axe which bursts into flames melting everything in its path!)
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Indeed, we have all made changes,um, Proto-Hunters is it?
Tomahawk: He must have amnesia now. But I'm sure he can remember some things if we help him out.
colonel trans metal armorGreyring: Um, okay. We can try that. But first...(Grey turns toward the Anti-Hunters as he swings his saber which not only slices in one place but the blade comes right off and flings across the room as he grows a new sword.)
jetmanJetman: Crap! Lets get out of here!(he flies out of the window. Liquorman follows him as he jumps out. Mechaman starts to consider asking to join but Jetman comes back and carries him off.)
mechamanMechaman: "sigh"
jetmanJetman: Oh, shut up you wuss...
Cloud: Great to have you back to your senses, um, sort of.
transmetalblizzardBlizzard: We'll get everything fixed up later. Right now, I say we just head on home...(all of the Proto-Hunters walk back to their base happily as two beings from before watch them...)
?????????: I believe that we should strike soon brother.
?????????: No. It is still to early. We must wait until the time when they have their guard down or at full defense.
?????????: But wouldn't it be bad for them to be at full defense?
?????????: Not for their leader sister. Not for him...

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