The Anti-Hunters Part III
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Written by Greyring

Ash: YEAH!
Pikachu: Pika! PiKAHAHA!
cloudmanCloud: This is just wrong... so wrong... Sora has Cosmo doing god knows what, Misty and Ash are in the bushes over there, I'm stuck with YuGiDork here, Game's been caught as a Poke'mon, and Greyring is now at the mercy of the Digimon dudes.
Jaden: (in walkie talkie)Alright boss! I'm ready!
cloudmanCloud: Huh?
Jaden: Oh, right. You kinda have to be exterminated if I'm to stay at duel academy! The bastards kinda jipped me by saying I actually had to take classes. So I was kicked out! Prepare to die!
Sora: Ooo! Why you...tee hee!
cosmomanCosmo: Let go of me! I have to rescue Cloudman!
Sora: Under one condition................
cosmomanCosmo: Oh god, I can't believe I'm saying this but... lets hear it...
Sora: You have to be my snuggle bunny and I can hang out with you ALL the time!
cosmomanCosmo:...................................You have real guy issues don't you? Ugh, fine. I'll dress you up as a Medi.
Sora: Okay.
cosmomanCosmo: Um, aren't you going to change? I'm not looking.
Sora: According to our deal, you said that YOU'D help me and I'M in control since your MY snuggle-bunny!
cosmomanCosmo: Um, suuuuuuure I will... laaaaater though....
cloudmanCloud: Help!
blizzardmanexeBlizzard: Hang on! I'll save you!
cloudmanCloud: And you are?
blizzardmanexeBlizzard: I'm Tristan! I'm the new Blizzardman!
cloudmanCloud: Cool...
blizzardmanexeBlizzard:(deletes Jaden)
Jaden: NOOOO!
Colonel exeGreyring: I am not helping you guys.
Agumon: Help us now or else... Jaden said we could push this button if we needed help controlling our new Digimon you!
Kari: Thats it!!!(pushes button and Greyring is teleported after being shocked.)
At a secret base...
jetmanJetman: Alright then, if he won't cooperate then we'll make him! Alright boys! Mess up his mind!
Colonel exeGreyring: AAAUUUUUUGH!
[image] Mechaman: No one messes with us. Now you are one of us!
Colonel exeGreyring: Yes-sir.(sees Toxicman) I-do-not-classify-him-as-"one-of-us".
[image] Liquorman: DELETION TIME! YAY!
Colonel exeGreyring: Affirmative. Deeeeeeeeelete.(Shatters Toxicman with a his sword)Objective complete.
(The walls blow up)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: You didn't actually think we'd let you escape without a tracker did you?!
[image] Mechaman: Nope.(blasts his cannons at Cloud)
cosmomanCosmo: Its on!
m soraM Sora: C'mon guys! Lets go!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Tell me how she got with us again.
cosmomanCosmo: In order to save Cloud I had to make a deal with her so shes pretty much Medi until someone asks to be Medi, or she dies...
m soraM Sora: Lets go!
cosmomanCosmo: She only thinks that though, the costume isn't right though you can easily see! Its Chaos mode...
blizzardmanexeBlizzard: Ah... right...
Sora shoots a pill at Jetman, but misses. Blizzard frezzes his jetpacks but then Liquorman rams Cosmo who falls into Tristan!
Colonel exeGreyring: Prepare-for-defeat.(raises his gun at Gamemaster ready to fire....
Is this the end? Has Greyring's old mind truely been possesed? Can the Proto-Hunters revert their dear leader back to normal?! Find out next time!

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