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Epilogue 6 Part Two
Written by Greyring

Colonel exeGreyring: Give it up! Mechaman's deleted and you're teammates ditched you!
jetmanJetman: Never!
(Mechaman reforms himself and fires at Gamemaster)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: AUGH!
cloudmanCloud: NO! Game!
?????: Alright! A game of duel you say? I'm sooooo there!
cosmomanCosmo: Who in the?
Jaden: Get your game on!
cloudmanCloud: I was talking about-
Jaden: Let me handle this dude you guys! Elemental Heroes Bubbleman and Sparkman!
Bubble: I already freakin told you! I'm not a duel monster!
Spark: And what makes you think I'm your Spark?
Jaden: Go Sparkman! With Thunder Bolt attack!
cosmomanCosmo: Wow...(snicker)
Spark: Please be quiet... I hate this already as it is... I'm ready to snap...
Jaden: And now I play a face down and sacrifice Bubbleman when hes in defensive mode so I can summon a new monster! Say hello to Clayman!
Stone: Thats STONEman! STONE!
Jaden: Get your game on!
Colonel exeTomahawkman execloudmancosmomanEveryone: 0_0
Colonel exeGreyring: Right then, lets get back to the... fight? Aw shoot! They got away! Way to go, Mr. Get you game on...
Jaden: No problem! They clearly saw my mad awesome dueling skills and realized they never stood a chance!
cloudmanCloud: Ugh, now we get to spend the afternoon with the Yu-Gi-Oh nerd patrol now...
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Why don't we just kill them?
Colonel exeGreyring: One, he has a few of our friends with him, and two, we mess with these guys from a universe that isn't even the slightest bit video games at all, and one of us dies and we obviously don't want to risk that group being us.
cosmomanCosmo: Shoot.
???: Alright! Another one! Poke'ball! GO!
(Tomahawk gets hit by a poke'ball and sucked in)
Colonel exeGreyring: What the?
Ash: Way to go Pikachu!
Pikachu: PIKA!(kills Bubble's card)
Bubble: I'm freeeeee!
Pikachu: Pi Pi PikaCHUUUUU!(Pikachu electrocutes a nearby komodo dragon to death)
cloudmanCloud: I'm scared of not only so many card games, but also that Pikachu, its killing everything in sight and I don't want to be the next victim!
Pikachu: PI PIKACHU!
cloudmanCloud: Eep...
Agumon: Hey look! They may be able to help us!
Sora: Yay! Other girls!
Misty: Finally. Thought I was all that was left...
Sora: YAY!(begins making out with Misty)
Misty:(shoves Sora aside) Girl what is wrong with you?
Kairi: Yay! A Digimon for me!
cloudmanCloud: I am not a freaking Digimon! Go away!
Sora: I want you though! Fine, I'll just take this guy then and get you jealous!(Grabs Cosmo and walks off)
cosmomanCosmo: Good lord help!!!!!!
Colonel exeGreyring: Ah! No! Not the Digivice!
(In the Poke'ball)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Hmm...(Looks around to see whatever he imagines appears) You know, I don't mind being called a Poke'mon! Whatever I want, I get! Coooooool...
Misty: C'mon Ash! If that Sora girl thinks shes better than me, she has another thing coming.(Drags Ash off into the bushes)
Ash: ............................. ALRIGHT! See you lata Pikachuy! I'm gonna party tonight!
cloudmanCloud: Phew, at least I'm safe...
Jaden: Yup, no need to worry with me here!
cloudmanCloud: AGH!

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