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Epilogue 6
Written by Greyring and Gamemaster

Five weeks ago...
The Proto-Hunters are walking out of the movies.
??????: Hmm. Its them. Should we take them?
????????: Not yet. We need to strike when the time is right...
?????????: !'m g3tting t!r3DD 0f th!s! C4n w3 pppppl334s3 just k!ll th3m 4lr34dTY?!
??????: Your drunk again aren't you?
?????????: W3ll DDu1h! !ts !n my n@mF!
????????: Very well, lets just go then if two idiots are so desparate...
Meanwhile with the team...
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: That movie sucked!
blizzardmanexeBlizzard: Whatchya talking about Dude42? That movie was good!
cosmomanCosmo: Okay if you ask me...
Gyro: Hey! Whats that?!
??????: Hey there, Gyro-ripoff!
Gyro: Call me Bolero! And you are?
??????: Me? Why, I am but a simple being known as Jetman... why you ask?
Gyro: I'd like to know whom I'm battling! I like fights...
[image] Jetman: Oh do you?
Colonel exeGreyring: Wow, your pretty dumb. Its 1 on 6.
[image] Jetman: Oh, I have friends... TOXICMAN! LIQOURMAN! COME ON OUT!
[image] Liquorman: *hic* Yah! l3ts g3t em!
Liquorman then blasts fizz at Zerorules and gets him drunk!
LOLDrunkZero: Mmm! D!z 5tuFF !5n't h@lFFF baRD!(takes a swig)
Colonel exeGreyring: NO! We've lost him...
Tomahawkman exeDude42: Lets go! Totem pole! Activate! Red!(Dude's totem appears but the first meteor strikes him and kills him!)
Gyro: Why did it malifunction?!
????????: Sorry I'm late guys!
[image] Toxicman: Took you long enough Mechaman!
[image] Mechaman: Hey, I actually have a job down at Wal-Mart.
[image] Mechaman: You two! Kill those prices!
Walmart Smilies: GRAGH!(They slaughter a poor poor price)
Ben: Awesome! No longer $24.99 but now $8.99! *Wink*
[image] Liquorman: Wh4t3>3r. H3lp u5 k!ll 0fF th35e gu75!
[image] Mechaman: Um, I just did. And Liquorman, you have to stop drinking. You talk l!k3 t!5 wh3n y0U d00.
[image] Toxicman: Forget it Mecha, its what powers him. And Jetman, I thought you were eager to kill.
[image] Jetman: I wasn't eager to kill, I was asking. And this one is tough!
[image] Toxicman: Let me handle that.(sprays him with a permanant sleeping spray.)
cloudmanCloud: NO! The team... its...
cosmomanCosmo: Coming apart to the newest Anti-Hunters. I've been the Anti-Hunters a few times before, I think I can handle them...
Dark Proto leaps forward with great strength and tackles Toxicman. He is blasting him with repetive ring chips. But then Jetman jumps in and begins beating him up!
Colonel exeGreyring: Stop this! C-CANNON BATTLE CHIP! IN! (Greyring fires his ultimate C-Cannon.)
cloudmanCloud: Lets get out of here!
cloudmanCloud:Did we lose 'em?
cosmomanCosmo:I think so.
Colonel exeGreyring:I HOPE so.
???:Hey there!
Colonel exeGreyring:Wha?
*Cue evil music*
[image] LiquorMan:HeY! WhErE d0 y0u tink y0u gogin?
[image] ToxicMan:Shut up, Liquor.
[image] Liquor:Kay.
[image] JetMan:ANYway. Where do you think you're going? We've Koed your TomahawkMan. And now it's your-UGH!
cloudmanCloud:Our ugh?
*A tomahawk cuts through JetMan, deleting him.*
*Cue heroic music*
?:Mind if I join the party?
*Everyone looks in the direction of the voice, and there stands TomahawkMan!*
cosmomanCosmo:Dude! You made it!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk:No, I'm afraid your "dude" didn't.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk:I'm GameMaster, and I'm here to delete evil and eat popcorn. And guess who just ran outta popcorn?
[image] Liquor:00! I'no! I'no!
[image] Toxic:*Hits Liquor upside the head*SHUT UP!
Colonel exeGreyring:GameMaster, huh? Well if you can help us with these guys then-ARG!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk:Then arg?
cosmomanCosmo:We already did that joke.
*Greyring is nailed with mechanical appliances*
[image] MechaMan:Thank you, conveniently placed plot-devices!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk:*Starts to throw his ax again, but is cut off by a lot of...something in his eyes*AGH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!
cosmomanCosmo:This has gone on long enough!*Fires a Cosmo Ring at ToxicMan*
[image] Toxic:YOW!*Collapses from the pain*
[image] Liquor:Dis n0 gogin t000ooo weel.
Mecha:*Crushes Gyro with a large TV*No! We can still-GRAH!
[image] Liquor:Sti-
Colonel exeTomahawkman execloudmancosmoman[image] [image] [image] All(save Liquor):SHUT UP!!!
[image] Liquor:Kay.
*Mecha is deleted by a C-Cannon blast!*
cosmomanCosmo:GREYRING! Greyring, right?
Colonel exeGreyring:Yeah.
[image] Liquor:Uhhhh...Oy....dur....YoU'se na seed delast ob ut!*Drags Toxic away, forgetting to gather the backup data of his fallen comrads*
cloudmanCloud:I'm sure.
The End of Part one...

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