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Epilogue 4
By Aquaspark

cloudmanCloud: Welcome to my first epilogue, where I will brainwash entertain you...

(in another galaxy)

?: It is time we destroy the knight lover...

??: Do you really want to do that Quint.exe?

Quint.exe: I'm positive, if he doesn't join us then he will die...(insert evil laugh here)

cloudmanCloud: Hey Greyring, how do you think this knight armour I won looks?

Colonel exeGreyring: It looks nice... just not on you(takes off mask)

Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Hmm... it feels like we're missing something...

(Quint EXE busts in...)

Gyro: Way to open your big mouth... again...

blizzardmanexeBlizzard: Who the heck are you?

Quint.exe: I am Quint.exe, the ultimate Megaman.exe rip-off!

cosmomanCosmo: Great, we have to fight some moron...

Quint.exe: If I was a moron, then why would I have made an army of Knights! Aquaspark, you like Knights don't you?

cloudmanCloud:Yeah... So?

Quint.exe: Then you should join me, imagine an army of knights just for you. If you refuse then I will destroy you.

cloudmanCloud: I will never join y- wait did you say that I could keep them?

Quint.exe: That's right.

cloudmanCloud: Fine, but I'm going to have to kill you now. GIGA CHIP AQUASPARK'S FURY BATTLE CHIP IN DOWNLOAD!

Quint.exe: I don't feel anything(beams of light start to come out of him and oll of the knights) No!!!(dies)

cloudmanCloud: I win, but now I don't have any knights...


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