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Epilogue 3 Part 2 of 2
By Greyring

Last time on TRICK!, the Proto-Hunters were faced with a new opponent when showing the teams their base...Tonrai! We return to our tale...
TonraiTonrai: Hm... no sign of the, AH! There it is...the Proto-Hunters base! Time to meet your doom you two...
At the Proto-Hunters base...
Colonel exeGreyring: Well, you seem to qualify. Welcome to the Proto-Hunters Bolero. God that name is neat. You should get yourself a theme song.
Gyroman: Well I can, since you put me in charge of music sounds and all.
Colonel exeGreyring: It would be all...
Bolerlo! He's the guy with the cool stuffy-o!
Bolerlo! He blows y away-ee-yo!
Ta da! Well, its not finished since I just made it...
Gyro: Yeah, um, okay. Great singing voice, just terrible with the song is all. Maybe you should join American I-
Colonel exeGreyring: HELL NO! American Idol is for losers who want to be famous because they have nothing better to do with their lives rather than make out because they see all the kids doing it at school, especially those whom are parents AND working at the school because in the teachers lounge I was told they are given a whole load of spy equipment that they use to spy on their kids and listen in on them in the cafeteria but when they hear them swear behind their backs they wait until the kid gets home and then punish them like grounding them from Megaman for a month and then the kid gets angry bottles it up inside for years on end until he snaps and starts doing drugs and dies and then they are remembered through some video that the teachers show at school saying "this kid went to our school and commited suicide after bottling up his rage" oh and do you hear that singing from American Idol coming from outside its terribly awful racket and makes you want to kill some evil dude that is going to bust into the house in 5 4 3 2 1...
cosmomanCosmo: Greyring...
Colonel exeGreyring: Yes?
cosmomanCosmo: You were watching Zatch Bell! again, weren't yo-
Colonel exeGreyring: SEKAH!
cosmomanCosmo: Aw, yeah, he was watching it. Sorry Bolero, sometimes while channel flipping Greyring accidentily hits Zatch Bell! and starts acting funny.
Gyro: Its okay, now then, where is that villain Greyring was talking about?
TonraiTonrai: I'm right here!(slashes Cosmo.) And you are about to die!
Tonrai begins charging at Bolero when...
Colonel exeGreyring: EL DIABLO!
TonraiTonrai: Sorry, I read your epilogues, including the ones that weren't on the Interent from when you were only 8 years old!
7 years ago...
gemini years agoGreyring: (yes, when I was (my bad again, ten years old) I tried to make a Megaman 3 team and tried to base it on the Mechanical Maniacs. I had been Geminiman and made a single epilogue with my friends. My old name was...well...Phics(Sorry about the mix-up, that was another of my ideas).Surprised I still have the old thing and my old picture...)EL DIABLO!
Diablo: RAWRGHA! Kamaehamaeha!(I did use this phrase and did have El Diablo as a character I summoned.)
Back at present and enough remembering...
Colonel exeGreyring: Ah, crap...
Gyro: Leave him alone! Lets go Greyring!
Colonel exeGreyring: Right! Merge strike! Colonel/Greyring Soul, ACTIVATE!
Gyro: Gyroman mind, IN CONTROL!
(The two merge so that it is Greyring's soul, but with Bolero in control)
colonel exe soulColonel Soul: Alright now...
TonraiTonrai: Not so fast! I know your in love, and I have captured every dame in the community! Now surrender or they all die!
colonel exe soulColonel Soul: Who said Greyring was in love with a girl?
TonraiTonrai: But your epilogue...
colonel exe soulColonel Soul: You clearly don't study very well, because from the looks of things, you didn't read the title... yes he was in love, but not with a girl... but with THIS!!!!
TonraiTonrai: A chip? You were in love with a chip?!
colonel exe soulColonel Soul: Not just any chip... the first ever in our history GIGA CHIP! CROSS DIVIDE! BATTLE CHIP EXECUTE!!!(Colonel Soul grows a second saber, dashes toward Tonrai and slices straight through him!)
TonraiTonrai: You, yo- ARGH! You may have beaten meee... AH! pain... But, I! Shall retur, ah ah! Oh god the ****ing pain!(Tonrai leaves)
It is now after Gyro and Greyring have separated and are awaking)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Hey buddy boy, you okay?
Gyro: Ugh, yeah, I'm fine...
Colonel exeGreyring: Congragulations. You are definetly a member, of the Proto-Hunters.
Gyro: Yeah! I'm on the Proto-Hunters, and its a happy ending. I, say, where did Aquaspark go? He hasn't been in this entire episode.
(Back at the alley)
cloudmanCloud: I said-a hip, hop, a hippy...
The End

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