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Epilgoue 3 Part 1 of 2
By Greyring

Tonrai??????: Alright, lets go... (The mysterious man walks off.)
At the Proto-Hunters base...
Blazeman: Man, how did you guys get such a big place right away? It usually takes a team a long time to come up with the money to buy a place to hang out in! Let alone a place even BIGGER than a mansion!
Colonel exeGreyring: Oh, we have our sources.
cloudmanCloud: (Break dancing) Yo! What up?! In yo faces!
Eminem: Dang! This boys got style!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: (thoughts) He doesn't realize Spark has no legs? Man, this guy is an IDIOT!(Aloud) Bah ha ha ha ha ha!
cloudmanCloud: G-UNIT!
(Back at the base after the Titanium Titans have checked the place out...)
Dangan: This place is amazing!
Aircon: Clearly you must make a lot of money!
Colonel exeGreyring: Yes, there are many Prototypes, especially Protomen, out there that need destroying. Thats our territory.
Rockman Shadow: We'l give this alliance some thinking. But this place would be great for a community party considering its size! Its immense!
cosmomanCosmo: Hm, its really that big? Must've never seen the entire place myself then!
Tonrai??????: Enough of this tomfoolery!(Strikes at Dangan man!)
Aircon: Please tell me he's not with you...
TonraiTonrai: I'm not. My name is Tonrai and I have come to kill you all!
Colonel exeGreyring: But why do you want us dead?!
TonraiTonrai: I wish the death of all humans. They are always putting down those different. Just because I'm a vampire, everyone in my town, even my family, tried to get rid of me. I slaughtered them all, and have been killing all of this planets humans eversince...
Rockman Shadow: That is way low! You'll pay for that! (He begins to attack, but Tonrai is quicker and knocks him out.)
TonraiTonrai: I've taken out two, three to go...
Tonrai sucks a load of blood from Aircon and its down to Cosmo and Greyring!
cosmomanCosmo: BLACK HOLE! EXECUTE!(A large black hole appears and sucks up Tonrai, back in the alley...)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Thats, 20, 40, 50, 80, ... $200 we made today!
cloudmanCloud: Great, cause I'm pooped.
Tonrai appears out of nowhere all of a sudden!
TonraiTonrai: I believe I can fix that...(Tonrai slashes up Aquaspark)
Tomahawkman exeTomahwak: NO! Why you dirty little... (Dude's totem pole appears and begins glowing along with Dude's eyes!) TOTEM POLE ACTIVATE! EXECUTE RED TOTEM! FIRE AWAY!(Meteor chip activates and the totem pole strikes meteors down upon Tonrai. But Tonrai simply dodges them and takes down Shadow.)
TonraiTonrai: You humans are so pathetic, you aren't even worth killing. Back to the ones that are... the Time Trekkers, and the other Proto-Hunters!
Will Tonrai kill off the Time Trekkers along with our heroes D.Man and Greyring? Tune in next time to find out!
Blazeman is a part of the Titanium Titans and Aircon, Dangan, and Rockman Shadow are members of the Time Trekkers. We do not own these characters in any way whatsoever. All credit given.

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