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Epilogue 2
By Greyring

In the afternoon, at the sunsetting... Greyring is very depressed at the dock area of the Proto-Hunters base when Aquaspark comes by...

Colonel exeGreyring: "Sigh"

cloudmanCloud: Whats the matter Greyring?
Colonel exeGreyring: Heh? Oh, nothing.
cloudmanCloud: Doesn't seem like nothing to me! C'mon, I won't tell! I promise! (Makes an innocent angel face)
Colonel exeGreyring: Its an issue with my alter ego.
cloudmanCloud: Wind Crowrang?
Colonel exeGreyring: No no. I mean as in who I am underneath all the Megaman characters. The real me.
cloudmanCloud: Oh, in that case, I can't really help you and it wouldn't matter if you told me, I couldn't understand your life because I don't know you underneath the outfit. Oh well, see ya around Greyring.
Colonel exeGreyring: Alright.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Hey Greeeey. Watchya doin?
Colonel exeGreyring: Nothing really.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: You look a little depressed. Something bothering you?
Colonel exeGreyring: Yeah actually. Its like this you see... I feel like I'm missing something, even though my heart is full, although I can't come to admit it.
cosmomanCosmo: (Walks by) You in love Greyring?
Colonel exeGreyring: WHAT?! What the hell gave you that idea soldier?!
cosmomanCosmo: Well, the things your saying, aaaand, the fact of how you startled like that when I asked it. I wasn't even saying you were so its a definite yes.
Colonel exeGreyring: Yeah, well so frickin what?
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Ooh! Touchy! Maybe their will be a cat fight in this epilogue!
Greyring and Dark glare at Shadow in anger, since he said something he shouldn't have... again.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Man, nobody can take a joke... (Walks off.)
cosmomanCosmo: Why not just say it out loud?
Colonel exeGreyring: ...
cosmomanCosmo: Just a thought...
Colonel exeGreyring: Sorry, I just am always extremely, well, mood changing whenever the topic is brought up.
cosmomanCosmo: Maybe you should tell someone else then?
Colonel exeGreyring: I already have, it hasn't done much good.
cosmomanCosmo: Ah well, just, do whatever you feel like.
Colonel exeGreyring: Alright, and oh, could you tell Aqua that its his turn to clean up.
cosmomanCosmo: Can do Greyring, can do...
Colonel exeGreyring: "sigh" Why must I be such a blasted coward? I can face anything but this... loucwjk... louyvjc... "sweats" head on. I even have trouble just saying it! Good god. I need help.
Elsewhere, watching...
?????????: Brother, maybe we should be of "assistence" to him?
?????????: Soon dear sister... we must wait till EVERYONE is together...
?????????: Hm, true. We can kill them more quickly if they are all together.
?????????: They'll certainly celebrate at some point in time something so of course we should strike at that time.
?????????: Very well brother, we shall wait... we can use this weakness against him...
The End...?

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