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Epilogue 5
By Greyring

All names were different... and different members...
Greyring was originally called, well, ... Phics. I thought it was cool...I was also Geminiman, I wanted a team like the Mechanical Maniacs and well, there you go! I made one epilogue thats it with my attention span back then...
Dude42 was actually Link. He loved Zelda... and he was Snakeman.
Another of my friends was Discoman as Needleman.
A friend of mine called themselves the Doodiemonster(Hey, we were young and stupid, so is everybody when they are young...) and they were Topman.
My former best friend before the school system separated us was in the team as the Fire Lord and he took the role of Sparkman.
Another of my friends whom is now my enemy but luckily I don't see him anymore called himself by his actual name, Alex. He took the role of Hardman.
Next was another kid who joined that was also named Alex, but he joined as the Ice Boxer. He took on the job of Shadowman.
And the last member well, no one ever took Magnetman so I called him Mooman and gave him a personality of my own.
On with the adventure(note, we had all created our own sprites so you'll know who made what...)
Saving the World!
By The Hunters!
gemini originalPhics: Alright! We're in the world of Megaman!
snakeman originalLink: But our title says we have to save the world! Onward to the adventure!
sparkman originalFire Lord: Woah! Its a giant armadillo in a bomb!
snakeman originalLink: (Takes the bomb and the monster blows up) Ha! The monster needs his bomb to stay alive! But what is this? Its an giant Octorock! We have to strike its back!
magnetman originalMooman: We have to stop though Andross from taking over the world!
snakeman originalLink: Quick thinking Mooman! Lets go!
gemini originalPhics: We'll split in a group of four like on Star Fox!
shadowman originalIce Boxer: Star Fox! Awesome! But I have to save the others from Fire Lord! The Octorock made him turn evil!
sparkman originalFire Lord: Kill! I am pure evil! None of you can stop me especially when I am in my evil car!
shadowman originalIce Boxer: Snap out of it Fire Lord! We have to save the day!
sparkman originalFire Lord: Your right, fight it, fight IT!(Runs over a bunch of random bad guys) Hop in Ice Boxer!
shadowman originalIce Boxer: Dude!
And so those two have saved a part of the world but what of the others? Back to the Star Fox part!
snakeman originalLink: I'm Fox!
gemini originalPhics: I've got Falco!
topmanDoodiemonster: Well, I've got Peppy!
magnetman originalMooman: Aw man! I'm stuck with Slippy...
snakeman originalLink: Don't worry! You get to use all of the neat Diaper gadgets!
magnetman originalMooman: Alright!!!!(Blasts off Link, Doodiemonster, and himself but Phics is forgotten about)
gemini originalPhics: Help! I'm chained to this tree!(A dark figure appears) Wh- who are you?
geminiman drakDark Falco: I am Dark Falco. And you are going to die...(kills Phics)
topmanDoodiemonster: Hey, Phics needs help, shouldn't we go back for him?
snakeman originalLink: Naw, he's just being an attention hog as usual. He's always saying needs help.
magnetman originalMooman: Because he needed help, but yeah, your right!
geminiman drakDark Falco: Merge! Oh all mighty body, with mine! Muh ha ha ha ha ha!
topmanDoodiemonster: Oh my god! What is that?!
snakeman originalLink: It's Phics! And he's huge! Lets blast him!
magnetman originalMooman: Diaper beams away! (Mooman fires his stinky Diaper beams, but it has no effect!)
gemini originalDark Monster: Ha! You have no power against me! Beware!(He smashes Doodiemonster's ship and he falls out)
topmanDoodiemonster: Aw man.
snakeman originalLink: Don't worry! I'll stop him and save the day!(Link fires at Dark Monster but it does nothing)
gemini originalDark Monster: Ha, pathetic. EL DIABLO!
Diablo: RAWRGHA! Kamaehamaeha!
snakeman originalLink: What the heck?! You were supposed to die. Forget this lets go do something else.(So the three walk off bored andtoo lazy to find its weakness.)
gemini originalPhics: Hey, c'mon! You never want to finish anything if your plan doesn't work! Its always like that, what the heck?!
Diablo: KILL!
gemini originalPhics: Not now!
Diablo: Roar?
gemini originalPhics: Grr, he is NOT the leader and yet he always gets his way... grr...
And with the last saving the day group...
needleman originalDiscoman: AH! I'm stuck on its mouth!
hardman originalAlex: I'll stop it!(He runs at lightning speed) I'm behind it. Super Punch!(The monster blows up) I saved the day!
needleman originalDiscoman: Alright!(They give each other a high five) Lets go home!
hardman originalAlex: Sure.
And so the world was saved! Link continued to take command since he felt he had the best leading commands and led Mooman and Doodiemonster to victory and his adventures he came up with. Phics was forgotten about and whenever he tried to join in and Link didn't like it, the adventure changed, Discoman and Alex formed a different team and left. Eventually Link Phics began getting along and Mooman was lost since he never actually exsisted. Doodiemonster had to move sadly, and Ice Boxer and Fire Lord unforteonately moved to a different school. Link and Phics soon forgot about there fight about whatever it was that happened, and the world was saved by, The Hunters!
Eventually in middle school they met new friends and formed a new team since they understood the internet better but still not fully and created the Proto-Hunters now led by Phics whom realized it wasn't pernounced Sikes but rather Fics so he switched his name to Greyring and Link learned of copyright so he changed to Shadow. But when he wanted his own thing as well as the Proto-Hunters, he changed to Dude42 eventually and after someone named Blake198 wanted to join Greyring's plan had burned in hell, eventually the others did nothing even when given the site password so Greyring had to kick them off.(That and he never really saw them anymore.) But he still saw Chuckles and Dude42 so he gave them another chance. Chuckles declined and Dude accepted. So Greyring still got help from a former teammate named Aquaspark whom joined again. They were team Colonel but there were many flaws with the new setup. Greyring never had truthful criticism so he took the advice as insults but when he realizede what it was thanks to a member of the MM3 forum where he got the advice and switched to megaman battle network 5 double team ds(both Colonel and Protoman).
Eventually Nathan left sadly but the good news about later on was that we had almost all spaces filled and we went where we are today!
The End.

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