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Epilogue One.
By Greyring

Once their was a time when Nebula Gray was out to destroy the world... This team was Originally led by Laserman. Eventually he was stopped but then Laserman's operator continued his sinister plans... Two teams were formed to stop them, Team Protoman and Team Colonel. Only a few continued to stick together and had no bad after effects of this incident... These remaining people became... The Proto-Hunters. Hunting down prototypes everywhere after all that Protoman had done to tick them off. And this is where we begin...
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Hey! Just when do we get our first job?
Colonel exeGreyring: When somebody shows up, how many times do I have to say it?
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Until somebody shows up.
Colonel exeGreyring: ARGH!
cosmomanCosmo: Hey you guys, shut up! I think somebodies coming...
(Door opens)
Colonel exeGreyring: Welcome to the home of the Proto-Hunters, how may I help... oh. Its only you.
cloudmanCloud: What do you mean, its only me? I'm a member, aren't I?
Colonel exeGreyring: Sorry, its just that SOMEBODIES making us desperate for customers.(All stare at Dude42)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: ... what?(All still stare at him...) And thats my cue to get the heck out.(Leaves.)
cosmomanCosmo: Hey quiet, somebody really IS coming this time! (Door opens)
WarcraftmanWarcraft Guy: You guys hunting down prototypes?
cloudmanCloud: Yeah. So who shall thy requeth the death of?
WarcraftmanWarcraft Guy: . . .
Colonel exeGreyring: . . . he likes knights...
WarcraftmanWarcraft Guy: Ah. So um, yes. The prototype problem I'm having is with a being known as Protoman Reality.
cloudmanCloud: Eh? Never heard of him...
WarcraftmanWarcraft Guy: He's a new Protoman that my lab has been working on. We're remaking all of them and we needed his test results but after what his reactions were, we left it at he'll be the only new version created... but he went too berserk and began to kill and is now loose. We need you to come with us and help out.
Colonel exeGreyring: Wherever a prototype is loose, we shall be there to slay it and stop it from any form of malifunction. Lets go team. (Later at the city)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: Hey! You told me to show up. So, what do we do?
Colonel exeGreyring: You can use your powers to flood the area, right?
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: Yeah, so?
Colonel exeGreyring: We need you to flood out the city so that we can find Protoman Reality.
cosmomanCosmo: He'll malifunction but with Tomahawk's totem pole making us invincible, the water won't effect us. When malifunctioning, Protoman Reality will be trackable and we can begin and little game of search and destroy.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: Ah. Neat plan.
Colonel exeGreyring: Alright Tomahawk, work your magic!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: You got it! (A totem pole appears now) GREEN TOTEM! ACTIVATON EXECUTE!
(The team is now invincible)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Aquaman EXE starts crying so that the entire area is flooded. They hear circuits frying not too far away.)
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: We have a winner! Boo yah! The power of cheese succeeds again! In your face god! In your face! (Bolt of lightning strikes him) Ow! Hey!
cloudmanCloud: Sorry, you know I can't resist zapping you when your like that!
Colonel exeGreyring: Enough fighting amongest each other. We have to catch up to Protoman Reality right now.
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: Ergh, not bad. Pretty slick plan of yours...
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: So your Protoman Reality huh? Take this! Big bucks here I come! (Totem appears) RED TOTEM! ACTIVATION EXECUTE!(Meteors start falling from the sky whilist Tomahawkman EXE is charging his ax attack.)
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: These will only heal me. (The meteors are falling INSIDE of him.) I was built with heat healing, which means any fire attack used against me will only heal me...
cloudmanCloud: Then why not try this?! (Dissappears into giant cloud and 3 mini clouds surround Protoman Reality. The clouds electrocute him when Aquaspark jumps out of one of the 3 mini clouds now and unleashes a large thunder bolt upon Protoman!)
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: URGH! I was only built with fire and wood resistence, but not water and thunder! I thought your Blizzardman quit for personal reasons...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: I did, but that doesn't mean I can't be a friend and help my old and current partners out...
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: Current?
Colonel exeGreyring: Dark! Hold him for me!
cosmomanCosmo: With pleasure...
Colonel exeGreyring: Were you built with wind resistence?
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: Of course not! Every robot must have some sort of weakness that finishes them near instantly and wind is what does that to me!
Colonel exeGreyring: Then you may not like this... WIND CROWRANG MODE! TRANSFORMATION EXECUTE!
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: What?! NO! This cannot be! How can you be Wind Crowrang as well?
[avatar]Greyring: I joined up with Red Alert awhile back and now your finished... WIND CUTTER!(Throws the Wind cutters)
Protoman RealityProtoman Reality: NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
A.) 10, 000 Zenny
B.) Protoman Reality SP Chip
Colonel exeGreyring: Alright! Well, we're finished here team. Next time, we take a liberation mission. That shall be our pattern. Lets try and keep our team organized.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Just because you said that, I'm gonna get the place as messy as possible!
Colonel exeGreyring: You better not!
(Later at the base)
 Sonic: YEAH! Chili dog party!
JerryJerry: All cats suck! Hey Tom! Lets go!
Tom CatTom: Bring it!(Jerry snaps his head off.)
Colonel exeGreyring: You guys are doing this to anger me, aren't you?
All: Yes.
Sonic: I'm not so hungry anymore.
Tom CatTom: Somebody put me back together!
JerryJerry: Your on your own, Shadow.
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: Um, no hard feelings?
Colonel exeGreyring: RAWR!
Tomahawkman exeTomahawk: NOT IN THE FACE!
cosmomanCosmo:300 zenny says that Dude lasts 10 mintues.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAquaman EXE: I say 300 zenny toward him lasting 2 minutes.
cloudmanCloud: Yay! I get the last word! And so, our heroes have slayed thy evil for the first timeth. I love knights! But I really should stop that... Think clouds, think clouds, think, zzzzzzz...
Aquaman EXE from Darklight Mercenaries. All credit given. Proto-Hunters do not own Aquaman EXE in anyway whatsoever.

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